Nearly one site out of three uses the WordPress CMS.

The WordPress CMS is becoming more and more popular. And now, it would propel 30% of websites, according to a study of W3Techs relayed by our colleague VentureBeat . The second most popular CMS, Joomla, has only 3.1% share on the web.

In other words, almost a third of all websites now use this content management software and its share of the CMS market would be 60.2%.

WordPress continues to attract developers because in November 2015, the CMS powered 25% of all websites. Note that the study takes into account both sites hosted by Automattic (the creator of WordPress) and those using just the open-source code of the software.

Most popular, but not necessarily the most powerful

Although WordPress propels the third of the web, sites that use this CMS are not necessarily the best performers. Alberto Medina, Google’s Developer Advocate, highlighted the weaknesses of WordPress compared to non-WordPress sites during an event dedicated to the WordPress community in the United States, in December.

Google WordPress

Nevertheless, the Mountain View company is actively involved in the development of WordPress and in February, it decided to expand its team dedicated to this CMS. “Our WordPress vision covers a lot of exciting work across the entire WordPress ecosystem: working on WP Core, developing themes, plugins and tools, and custom infrastructure, and interacting with the WordPress publisher community.” “ Explained Alberto Medina.

In recent years, Google is obsessed with the performance of mobile websites, since the majority of queries from its search engine is now on smartphones. Therefore, it is in the interest of the firm to participate in improving the performance of WordPress sites.