The latest rumors suggest that Apple will integrate wireless charging with the iPhone 8. He even said that Apple would be associated with a development partner. Is the era of wireless charging starting? Doubts are justified.

For the generation of the iPhone’s birthday, Apple plans, among other things, wireless charging. Analysts and supply chain experts have come to this conclusion. However, rumors also indicate that Apple would not offer this feature with the smartphone since the necessary charging station would not be included: it should be purchased separately as an additional accessory. As a result, Wireless Charging would not replace the Lightning Charging Interface.

Even though on many occasions Apple has brought new fashions to the industry, it seems that in this case the story will not repeat itself. Since this accessory will be expensive, as usual with Apple, it should not popularize this technology.

Jony Ive’s Twitter account says with humor:

Jony IVE Wireless charging

In the medium term, Apple may attempt to establish wireless charging as a standard and thus terminate the last physical interface. However, to get there, it will take even more daring than to remove the headphone connector.

Wireless charging: in theory, it’s the best …

Wireless charging has a turbulent history. On the one hand, it seems tempting that a phone can be recharged almost alone by placing it on a base. I confess that for a while, I preferred to use this form of recharge to any other, both with my old LG G3 than with my current Galaxy S7. In the era of micro USB cable, it seemed to me an advantage not to have to fight to find the right position of the cable when connecting. Since I usually charge my phone at night, it did not matter to me that the charging speed was slower.

Wireless Charging in practice “A failure”

However, I gave up wireless charging with my Galaxy S7, I use the micro USB cable. This is mainly due to two reasons: more than once I realized that the smartphone had lost connection with the charging station during the night, so that early in the morning, the phone was only charged 5%, instead of 90 or 100%. And sometimes, the charging current was apparently not high enough to charge the S7 beyond 60%. While the problem may come from my charging base, which is not the original Samsung, but still, there must not be many differences with the rest of the devices in the industry.

Finally, the cable is once again the best choice to charge my smartphone because it is the most reliable. At present, the smartphone must be positioned with some accuracy on the charging base, which greatly limits its usefulness.