Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a tool for developing rich client applications. Its latest version released by Microsoft, WPF 4 has many new features and improvements over its predecessor.

We will be discussing some of its new features that are available with Visual Studio 2010:

MultiTouch: Microsoft Windows 7 OS brings latest multi touch capabilities, and WPF 4 does a great job in using those multi touch capabilities via its own code. Multiple finger input is exposed through existing and new input events, and manipulation and inertia events will be exposed for developers.

Windows 7 Shell Integration: Now developers can use Windows 7 shell features to create WPF 4 applications. Following are some of the components that can be used in WPF 4 code, Taskbar, Aero thumbnails etc. We can now use some OS specific dialog boxes and also can customize them using FileDialogCustomPlace.

Text Enhancement: WPF 4 includes new text rendering, which enables much lighter and clearer test rendering. This improvement will enable WPF text to appear almost same as traditional GDI rendered text.