What are the best antivirus of the moment to protect your PC? This is a question that users ask themselves regularly. Should we be satisfied with Windows Defender integrated by default in Windows 10? What are the best alternatives? We help you sort through the latest AV-Comparatives report.


Which antivirus to choose for Windows 10 ? How to protect your PC in real time? These are two questions that tease Windows users, especially since the system is deemed to be one of the most vulnerable. Those who knew Windows 7 will surely remember it. The OS regularly sent reminders prompting to install an antivirus.

As for Windows 10, it works differently, since it defaults to Windows Defender antivirus  , the in-house solution . Can we be satisfied? What are the best alternatives in 2018?

Antivirus: Can Windows Defender do the trick?

Windows Defender

Microsoft would surely tell you: why look for the solution elsewhere if it is already at your feet? Because, your computer under Windows 10 offers you basic to use Windows Defender, a free antivirus. Is this a good solution? The answer is yes . And it is confirmed by many security experts .

Even though the system has had its share of problems, it is now as reliable a solution as the best antivirus offered by the competition, as evidenced by its effectiveness of 99.5% based on the results of tests AV-Comparatives  presented on the graph at the end of the article. And as a bonus, Windows Defender includes anti-ransomware protection .

Above all, it relies on real comparative advantages. Thus, it is perfectly integrated into your system and if you set it up correctly, it will not bother you and will not slow you down unlike many other solutions. In addition, most other antivirus will offer you to install extensions on your browser, to change your homepage, etc. In the manner of “bloatwares” on some smartphones, antivirus, especially free rarely come alone.

The best alternatives

The AV-Test site has become a benchmark in the field of antivirus performance analysis. It regularly passes these solutions through its test protocol and establishes its indicator of the best antivirus. The list is updated as the months go by. Three main factors are taken into account: the index of protection, the index of performance, and the ease of use.

The latest report of AV-Comparatives was published in November 2017. It focuses on analyzes performed in October. The real-time protection of 21 consumer anti-virus solutions (mostly the most successful versions, so paying) was tested with 316 viruses of different categories. The results are shown on the graph at the end of the article.

Here is a selection of six of the best antiviruses from the test (3 free and 3 pay).

Panda Free Antivirus


As the name suggests, this is the free version of Panda Antivirus. It offers real-time protection against different types of viruses and spyware. Thanks to its cloud-based real-time protection system and its collaborative mode, the antivirus demonstrated a 99.9% efficiency during the test. In addition, she reported no viruses in a false way (false positive).

Tencent PC Manager

Tencent PC Manager

Completely free, the Tencent PC Manager antivirus is based on four viral search engines: Tencent Cloud Protection, Tencent Antivirus Engine II, Avira Local Antivirus, and Tencent System Repair. It offers real-time resident protection and other features such as phishing protection. Of the 1769 viruses tested, he identified and blocked 1768, an efficiency rate of 99.9%.

Avast Free Antivirus


Avast remains one of the most popular free antivirus products on the market, although the solution also exists in paid versions (Avast Internet Security and Avast Premium). The free version provides real-time protection, intelligent threat detection, and additional security for your networks, passwords, and browser. It has demonstrated a 99.7% effectiveness during the AV-comparative testing, blocking 1762 threats out of 1769. Ditto for the other popular solution in the rank of free antivirus: AVG

Bitdefender Internet Security


The Internet Security version (paid) used in the test AV-Comparatives detected 1768 viruses on 1769. But specify that Bitdefender, one of the most popular antivirus software on the market, is also available in free version. In addition to antivirus protection, the solution secures your online transactions and protects you from identity theft and phishing attempts.

Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 focuses on the key elements of security: Web filtering to block dangerous URLs, a precise antivirus engine that detects and removes threats, intelligent real-time protection technologies that detect malicious actions. Regarding its antivirus protection score, since this is the main measurable criterion of the test, it blocked 1764 threats on 1769, an efficiency of 99.7%.

Symantec Norton

symantec norton-security

Norton AntiVirus has a strong virus database and protects your PC against malware in real time, blocks URLs when you visit malicious sites. And if viruses happen to fall through the cracks, the resident protection monitors any suspicious behavior of the programs. As for its proven effectiveness in the AV-Comparatives test, it is 99.9%.


Finally, several other solutions have demonstrated a good effectiveness of antivirus protection. Trend Micro and F-Secure also detected and neutralized 1768 threats out of 1769, or 99.9% of the sample. Avira has been effective for 99.7% of viruses. These results remain very good indicators, but they are not peremptory.