The Check Disk utility can save your hard drive or SSD and it is advisable to use it as soon as your system behaves strangely. Sometimes even if apparently the problem does not come from your hard drive . The chkdsk program can fully scan your hard drive for bad sectors. Two cases arise: either chkdsk can repair the failing sector, or it can not.

In this second case it marks the sector in question so that the system does not try to use it anymore. Beforehand, a faster analysis can be done to find logical errors in the file system. Such an analysis can solve many problems in itself. It is recommended to run the utility regularly to prevent these errors from damaging your data.

If the errors multiply, it is that your disk or SSD arrives at the end of life, it is then necessary to change it. If you opt for a hard drive, check out this list of the most reliable brands !

How to fix the hard drive with Chkdsk under Windows 10

We will see two methods to launch this utility: via File Explorer, since as you will see, the utility is fully integrated into the system, and via the Command Prompt, when you want to force its startup with some parameters .

From File Explorer

  • Right click on the Start  menu and then click on File Explorer
  • Go to This PC in the left column
  • Then go to the Tools tab
  • Click Check to check for errors and follow the instruction

In some cases Windows 10 will tell you that the utility has not found any errors before starting, but you can still click Check Disk .

From the Command Prompt

Launching the utility from the command prompt gives you access to finer options, and among other things allows you to perform a more in-depth analysis, which will require a restart of your computer in order to be able to repair the errors encountered. We will go directly to the most thorough and effective mode to try to repair damaged areas.

  • Start typing Command Prompt in the Start menu , right-click on the first result, and then  Run as administrator.

  • Type chkdsk / r c:  as in the screenshot below and validate by typing then Enter

Your drive will be checked at the next reboot, when you choose to restart it. Expect a longer start than usual. If you want to cancel this check, return a prompt in administrator mode command and enter chkdsk / x c: . If you liked this tutorial, you will probably like this one: how to fix all your Windows boot problems .