Many people have seen the movie “Terminator”. They are called artificial intelligence. In fact, there are already robots similar to Terminator in reality, but they are not as brutal as in movies.

  Let me introduce to you what is an artificial intelligence robot.

  First, the introduction of artificial intelligence robot

  Intelligent robots have a fairly developed “brain”. What works in the brain is the central computer, which has a direct connection with the person who operates it.

  The main thing is that such a computer can perform actions arranged according to purpose. Because of this, we say that such robots are real robots, although their appearance may be different.

  It is a comprehensive testing ground for artificial intelligence technology, which can comprehensively examine the technologies in various fields of artificial intelligence and study their relationship with each other. It can also be used in dangerous environments for people to do dangerous work, go to sea, battlefield operations and so on.

  Second, the application market of artificial intelligence robots

  In the 21st century, with the rapid development of IT information technology, human society has entered a new era of creating intelligent robots. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, in 2015, the world intelligent robot market was about 26.9 billion US dollars.

  According to forecasts, the world robot market will reach $66.9 billion by 2025. The main application areas of intelligent robots are automated factories in manufacturing, and the range of robot applications in the service industries such as medical and logistics families is gradually increasing.

  Unmanned vehicles dominate the smart car technology in the robot industry, and the competition is fierce. The intelligent robot industry in South Korea is still in its infancy, and intelligent robot companies such as manufacturing, medical, unmanned vehicles and homes in overseas markets have become the focus of investors.

  Third, robots have become an indispensable production tool

  Taking the automobile manufacturing industry in the manufacturing industry as an example, in the workshop of an automobile manufacturer, assembly, welding, painting, transportation, and quality inspection all require robot assistance to complete work production.

  In the past, robots replaced human resources as the concept of automation and productivity. Nowadays, robots can become high-precision jobs that humans cannot do under the premise of guaranteeing innovative quality. Not only that, intelligent robots gradually increase market share in the fields of entertainment, cleaning, logistics and so on.

  Fourth, the development prospects of artificial intelligence robot industry

  Since the fourth quarter of 2008, the global financial turm has led to a sharp decline in sales of intelligent robots.

  In 2010, the global intelligent robot market gradually recovered from the bottom of 2009.

  In 2015, the world’s smart robot market was approximately $26.9 billion. With the improvement of the global manufacturing capacity automation level, especially the intelligent upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, it is conservatively estimated that by 2025, the world robot market will reach as high as 66.9 billion US dollars.

  V. The impact of artificial intelligence on human society

  The impact of artificial intelligence on human society The development and application of artificial intelligence systems have created considerable economic benefits for human beings. The expert system is an example. With the continuous development and improvement of computer systems, artificial intelligence technology will surely get bigger. Promote and generate greater economic benefits.”   Dalian Women’s Hospital Rankings

  The quality of economic development directly determines the state of social development. Only when the economic situation is good, will there be other developments.

  The emergence of artificial intelligence has played a considerable role in the rapid development of the economy.

  For more than 20 years, the use of artificial intelligence has penetrated into almost all fields, including economic fields, space technology, automatic control, computer design and manufacturing, and has produced enormous economic benefits in practical applications, which has effectively promoted the economy. The scientific development of society.

  This is the terminator in reality. Although it is not as brutal and invincible as in the movie, it is very practical and has brought about earth-shaking changes in our lives.

  In reality, artificial intelligence robots are machine systems that can fully simulate human beings. The shape is not necessarily human. The main application areas are manufacturing automation factories, medical, logistics and other service industries. I believe that artificial intelligence will get better and better in the future.

Future is in our hands but is it secure. we have seen many movies in which robots create a destruction to humans will it be true. or its just a myth and main plug to the power source is in humans hand. Its hard to tell for now. But one this is for sure no many how improve the Artificial Intelligence is they can never match the level of human intelligence .

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