Smartphone and cold weather do not mix. And iPhones are not spared. The manufacturer recommends using the iOS device in a place where the temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees. But what happens when the mercury becomes negative?

The Swiss support of Apple told the Swiss newspaper  Le Matin  that from 0 degrees the touch screen of a recent iPhone is insensitive, and at -5 degrees, the system will turn itself off. A defect that is not actually one. This is a safety device that prevents the device from being permanently damaged.

The old generation iPhone more resistant

Older generations of the star product of the American brand are better off. Note that the screen of the iPhone 4 would support him -10 degrees. Its system will only go out when the thermometer reads -20 degrees, underlines the support of the American firm in Switzerland.

How to preserve your device? Use a handsfree kit and choose a wired version, rather than Bluetooth, or equip yourself with a cold-resistant shell.