Young miners always have a question: “What is better to buy – ASIC (for example, Antminer S9, Antminer L3 +) or to build a farm on gaming graphics cards (for example, GTX 1060 or GTX 1070). In this article, on our experience, we will try to show you all the pros and cons of ASIC and farms on video cards (GPUs).


Bitcoin and Ethereum are again growing, however, like all other crypto currencies, and a new wave of mining begins. All those who did not become miners in 2017, already in 2018 just want to try themselves in this matter and not miss the bird of happiness.


First, let’s see how you can calculate the economic benefits of ASIC and the farm and determine which is more profitable. Open

On the GPU tab, you can choose which video cards you have or manually enter data. Press Calculate and get a tablet with a profit per day:

Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator.jpg

Similarly, you can do with ASIC: go to the ASIC tab and drive the characteristics of your device. Click Calculate and get a tablet with a profit per day.


Based on the received data, you can divide the cost of the farm or ASIC and understand the “approximate payback period”. This value is very, very approximate, just open the price chart of any crypto currency and you will understand that the profit changes literally by the hour, it can go up, or it may fall.

Hash Difficulty.jpg


Do not forget about the complexity of the network of crypto currency, which you are going to mine. The fact is that the daily rewards that can be obtained by all the miners together are approximately constant if measured in coins of the crypt. Every day in the world there are hundreds, thousands of new farms, not only we are so smart. Getting crypto currency is becoming more complicated and complicated. Similarly, the situation with ASIC-devices: the profit that you received yesterday, today will have to share with the new miners.


In 2017, the rate of most coins grew so quickly that the miners did not notice a drop in profits in dollars, although in the Crypto currency they earned a penny less every day.

Hooray! You should have an idea of ​​the payback and profitability of the desired device.

Note also that if you buy the Antminer S9 in Moscow, then for today (November 2017) the price of the 1st device is 225 000r in stock, and if you order it on the website and find a way to bring to Russia, the price will be , approximately 120,000r, but in the second case you will have to wait 2-3 months until the factory shipped Antminer. Take into account the waiting time in your calculations, because for 2 months S9 could earn $ 1,500.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s move on to the merits and demerits of mining devices, apart from their payback, there are many more points that you should think about ten times before making your choice.


Farms Pros

  • Video cards available: came, bought assembled.
  • Warranty for video cards and components for the farm 1-3 years: broke – gave in guarantee.
  • You can place at home: it does not make noise and it does not heat very much.
  • You can always sell: all components are used in ordinary computers, and video cards are in demand by gamers.
  • You can use various crypto-currencies: video cards support VERY MUCH algorithms.


  • Immediately ready to work, no need to build.
  • Easy to set up: enabled, inserted your wallet – it works.
  • At the moment it pays off faster than the farm.

Farms Cons

  • Build farms : you need direct hands.
  • You need computer literacy: setting up, installing Windows, overclocking maps – you need knowledge. Alternatively, you can install a ready-made Linux assembly ( for example, HiveOS ), although you often need to understand the settings there.
  • Occupy more space.
  • At the moment, they pay off longer than the ASIC.


  • The price in stock is overestimated by 2 times, under the order to wait 2-3 months.
  • Quality of manufacturing: the device out of the box may not work or work with errors.
  • Warranty in China (= there is no guarantee, because it is very expensive and long to send and receive it in a new way). No spare parts. Repair is possible, but usually expensive.
  • A lot of noise, neighbors will hear through 3 floors. For accommodation requires a special room, which means you have to pay rent.
  • A lot of heat, you need to remove heat, do ventilation.
  • It only obtains crypto currency on one algorithm, if this algorithm is not popular, ASIC can only be discarded.

Security Question:

What is more profitable: a farm for 250 000r on 8 GTX 1070 cards with a hash on the Ethereum 250MH / s network or Antminer S9 available in Moscow with a hash in the Bitcoin 14TH / s network for 225tr.