Google, the search engine most used by Internet users regularly releases new algorithms for indexing and positioning websites. Not to trap the webmasters/references but rather to value sites that offer quality content. Artificial intelligence is today at the heart of its concerns.

Find out in this article how the Google RankBrain algorithm influences your site.


RankBrain, what is it?

Machine learning, RankBrain, Deep Learning, so many learned words to define the principle of artificial intelligence (AI) on which Google bases itself to understand the meaning of words in defined contexts. With requests from Internet users increasingly long (4-5 keywords) and complex, search engines must, in turn, become more and more intelligent.

With its new algorithm, Google interprets the meaning of content to offer the most relevant page to his investigator no longer based on the presence of a keyword but on the overall understanding of the page.

It is also a way of seeing SEO practices that are relatively technical in a more humane way.

The advantages of Google RankBrain for your web referencing

While it still had a low impact on site referencing when it was launched in 2015, RankBrain now drives the digital community and now applies to all Internet users’ requests.
To be simple, you have no choice, you must now consider the changes made by the algorithm. But do not panic, it’s a good thing!
In fact, do not you want your future customers to find the information they are looking for at home! And that, even if the exact keyword is not the most used on your site?
With RankBrain it’s all your expertise that is exploited to the full! Its artificial intelligence allows it to offer a content to various keywords positioned on the same theme (what we call in our jargon the semantic field).

How to adapt to this new algorithm?

If you used to write only the contents of your website, it is certain that you will have to change your writing habits in favor of a more thematic approach than a keyword.
On the other hand, if you have entrusted the writing of your pages and the optimization of your SEO to a web agency, you can continue to develop your visibility on the web without blinking. Professional SEO teams are already knowledgeable of its new practices and make every effort to optimize them.
Optimizing the long tail and lexical fields of your page is then more important than ever.