A botnet is a network of infected computers, used for criminal purposes. Malicious software or malware can harm your computer in a variety of ways.

Sometimes the effects are not known until it’s too late. What’s worse your computer can become one of many infected with malware creating a botnet short for the robot. Network cybercriminals use special malware usually a Trojan horse to breach the security of several users computers. These take control of each computer and organize all of the infected machines into a network of bots which are unwitting tools, that the cybercriminal can remotely manage.

The infected system may act completely normal with no warning signs a bot can be a PC Mac or even a smartphone. oftentimes the cybercriminal will seek to infect and control thousands of tens of thousands or even millions of computers so that they can act as the master of a large zombie network or bot network. These botnets are capable of delivering many different types of cyber crimes such as DDoS attacks spreading malware online fraud and wide-scale spam or phishing campaigns. In some cases cybercriminals will establish a large network of sobbing machines and then sell access to the zombie network to other criminals either on a rental basis or as an outright sale spammer may rent or buy a network in order to operate a large-scale spam campaign.

The consequences of being part of a botnet can be very serious some risks include high internet bills slow and unstable computer performance potential legal implications if your computer is compromised and stolen personal data which can be used in blackmail or identity theft becoming a victim of a botnet attack is all too easy. a common source of infection is downloading files from an unknown site or from file-sharing even social media sites and apps can contain malware that can turn your computer into a bot high-risk computers are ones with outdated internet security software or even none at all.

You can limit the risks by always verifying the site or app that you plan on downloading from and ensuring it is from a legitimate source, however, the best form of protection is installing effective anti-malware software against Trojans and other threats always ensure that your computer is equipped with the latest internet security software in order to prevent becoming part of a botnet.