Companies in a range of industries operate remote and branch offices across the nation and even around the world. These sites are especially critical for retailers there the hubs for customer transactions branch offices typically have local IT infrastructure but usually without any skilled staff on hand to support it. As a result delays are common, provisioning can take forever and with software updates and patches overtime. Configurations drift to wear every site is somewhat different, so when infrastructure issues crop up they take too long and cost too much to isolate and fix. Since outages that branch offices often have direct impact on revenue generation. There is more urgency to resolve the problem to minimize the impact. Business continuity also goes wanting it’s just too expensive to protect workloads in dozens or hundreds of small environments. This makes downtime a real and present danger and disaster recovery plans are largely absent. These are daunting problems but one simple solution can mitigate them. Introducing vsphere remote office branch office the solution that does for your remote sites with virtualization does for your data center and then some. Your branches get all the familiar benefits of virtualization itself, much higher hardware utilization reduced server count, and lower overall costs but that’s just for starters with the vsphere solution you can quickly and easily provision new applications as virtual machines across thousands of sites . With consistent configuration standards that you create and enforce this way when a problem arises you solve it just once and apply the remedy across multiple hosts. Management is much simpler to monitor branch sites from the corporate office using your familiar vcenter server console and when remote servers need upgrading or patching you can perform the operation right from the data center, that’s a lot faster and cheaper than sending out staff on house calls. The vsphere solution also takes care of business continuity built-in hi availability safeguards all your branch office apps with robust dependable protection. You can even segregate workloads by regulatory mandates and set up higher monitoring levels for those with stringent requirements. take the single step that optimizes IT at every remote office. Put an end to excess costs, under par service levels and serious downtime risk with one flexibly priced package, vsphere remote office branch office.