Most of us would agree that gaming on the PC has really transformed in the past few years, and Windows 10, with its Xbox features and other options on the Game bar, has paved the way for smooth, easy, effortless gaming with a few easy keyboard clicks on the computer.

The Game bar allows you to record, share, and even present a live broadcast of your game while you play it. And, just as keyboard shortcuts can make life easier while creating and working with documents in a writing program like Microsoft Word, or help with creating a 3D image in Paint 3D, the shortcuts for the features in the Game bar can make it even easier to snap a screenshot or record a part or all of the game you are playing.

Check out the keyboard shortcuts for each feature in the Game Bar below that let you control your PC gaming adventure, all with a few taps of your keys!


Game bar Keyboard Shortcuts

Hold down the keys shown below at the same time to open each of these tools that are part of  the Game bar:


Screenshot: Win + Alt + PrtSc

windows +  + 


Record that: Win + Alt + G

windows +  + 


Start recording: Win + Alt + R

windows +  + 


Broadcast: Win + Alt + B

windows +  + 

Windows 10 Game Bar Recording Location:

The Game bar generates screenshots in PNG format and videos in MP4 format and drops them in the following folder: C:\Users[your username]\Videos\Captures.

Once you start using the keyboard shortcuts to quickly move from one tool to the next in the Game bar, gaming will feel even better on the PC. Some people would rather use keyboard shortcuts than click the mouse, and Windows 10 has made it easier to record and take screenshots doing just that. Now, all you have to do is take advantage of them to enhance your gaming experience!