DBA’s often need to track the changes being made to database objects such as tables, user defined functions and store procedures etc. Following article aims at providing the readers on how the changes being made to the database can be tracked with minimal effort. To get into details, i would first give preferrance to the "Summary Report" that can be generated on the fly by making use of SQL Server Management Studio.

Following are the steps to generate a report on the schema changes using SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Connect to the required server.

  • After successful connection you should see a summary window in object explorer.

  • Click on reports button and select "Schema changes history" from the dropdown.











  • after selectiong the report from dropdown it will take some time and finally will load the following screen










The above diagram is self explanatory It reveals, which database was modified, what object was modified, The type of object (Stored procedure, index, table, etc.,) , The DDL (create,alter,drop) operation that made the change, the Time of change and the login that has made the change.