Are you looking to create your first website or blog with wordpress as the most powerful website platform on the planet WordPress has allowed millions of ordinary people to create amazing websites with zero coding required if you’re looking to get started you’ll need a web host in order to install WordPress and in this video I’ll reveal the top three best web host for wordpress beginners after hands on testing and comparison we’ve determined that these three popular web host are perfect for beginners looking to get started with wordpress in the matter of minutes stay tuned to find out more.

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Today we have a special comparison video where we’ll be recommending our top three picks for the best web host for wordpress beginners for those new to wordpress are unfamiliar with web hosting we’re going to briefly explain what a web host does and why you need one so by now you probably heard that word press is a powerful content management system used by top bloggers and big websites alike such as here at how to make we stand behind wordpress is the best blogging platform in the world and we’re committed to empowering others to create their own websites easily and affordably so how to get started well before you need three things to get a WordPress website up and running and these three things were one a domain name such as how to make to a web host which allows you to install WordPress and store your information live on the Internet by renting space on their web servers and three a manual installation of the wordpress platform downloaded from before you had to get all three of these things and connect them all together manually which can be a headache for most people with no web developing experience today when you sign up for any of these recommended web shows you get all three bundled together with no hassle or fuss so which three webhost we recommend us before we rank them individually our top three include bluehost hostgator and siteground with each of these web host we were able to sign up and build a WordPress website from scratch in just minutes at this moment we would also like to give an honorable mention to dream host which is another wordpress recommended web shows now we’re going to compare performance by running a website speed test to see who is the fastest on the basic shared server plan the way we conducted this test is by using a tool by the company pingdom which performs a website speed test based on performance optimization and load times each website use the exact same theme header image and then one blog post with a single image also we added the same caching plug into each website to max out performance here are the results as you can see here each host scored the same performance grade of an 88 which means that our websites are highly optimized by using the same theme and caching plugin now the difference is in load times especially when compared to all other sites tested coming in third the hostgator site loaded up in 1.9 seconds which is faster than seventy four percent of tested sites that’s pretty solid performance for basic shared server plan in second we have blue host which loaded significantly faster than hostgator with a low time of just one point 11 seconds this load time was quick enough to be considered faster than eighty eight percent of tested sites what surprised me the most was site grounds performance since I crown is a much smaller company than the Giants bluehost and host gator the site brown site loaded up in under a second at a blazing 769 milliseconds which is faster than a whopping ninety three percent of tested sites and all this on the most basic shared server plan so for performance siteground blazes past the competition with bluehost coming in second and hostgator third now that we know the performance numbers next we’re going to compare pricing both normal and on sale to see which webhost is actually the most expensive weather on sale or during regular pricing all plans we are looking at will be the most basic shared server plan which is more than enough for beginners and cums wordpress ready PS if you want access to these special discounts click the link to the resource page in the description below for Hostgator regular pricing without discount starts at eight 95 per month which is a little bit on the price your side after applying discounts the current sale pricing starts as low as 3 95 for a three-year plan and 595 for a one-year plan so less than six dollars a month is very fair for what you get one last know about hostgator is that they do not offer a free domain upon registration so that adds an extra 1295 to your total cost for bluehost regular pricing without discount starts at seven ninety-nine per month about a dollar cheaper than hostgator after applying discounts the current sale pricing matches up with hostgator starting at 395 for a three-year plan and 595 for a one-year plan the difference is that bluehost includes your domain name free of charge with your sign up about twelve dollar value for our best performer siteground regular pricing without discount starts at nine ninety five per month which is the most expensive out of the three but you also get the fastest performance after applying discounts the current sale pressing drops by a whopping 60 percent to only 3 95 per month and this 390 fibery applies to one your plans as well on top of all that you also get a free domain name just like blue hose after reviewing the pricing and performance it’s clear to see that sycron starts to pull away from the competition based on value once again make sure to visit the resource page below to access the lowest prices and best discounts available updated daily on our site now it’s time to finally rank our top three webhost individually by discussing the benefits of each while factoring in the performance scores and pricing we just went over so coming in at third place is hostgator which came in last in performance but ended up with the highest cost after discounts it’s important to remember that the hostgator site still loaded faster than seventy four percent of tested sites which is not slowed by any means this may seem like a disappointing finish for remember we’re looking at the top three webhost for wordpress overall so hostgator is still a better choice than the hundreds of webhost out there the benefits of hostgator include award winning tech support and server reliability with a ninety-nine point nine percent of time guarantee this basically means that over the course of one year your website may only be down for less than nine hours total out of the entire year this is a major key for a lot of people and one of the reasons why hostgator is up here with the best wordpress one-click install this is one of the most important features for wordpress beginners as it allows you to install the WordPress platform onto your domain in just minutes after signing up if you’re a beginner this is a must-have feature as it saves you the headache of having to install WordPress yourself best of all hostgator features a generous 45-day money-back guarantee longer than either bluehost or side ground if you think hostgator is the right web host for you make sure to watch our step by step video on how we created this exact website just minutes after signing up with hostgator coming in at number 2 is the ever-popular Blue Hose along with hostgator bluehost is one of the most recognizable household names in the web hosting market chances are that the popular blog you like runs on either of these web shows bluehost continues to grow year after year and is a fan favorite for new bloggers here are some of the benefits for beginners looking to use blue hose you receive your domain name completely free of charge for the first year unlike hostgator who charges 1295 bluehost is the number one recommended web host by the official word press website it’s also the most popular choice for wordpress users powering over 2 million websites it includes wordpress one-click install and you get a 30 day money-back guarantee if you think blue host is the right web host for you make sure to watch our step by step video on how we created this exact website just minutes after signing up with blue hose in a surprise finish coming in at number one is the underdog siteground what’s not to love about site ground they are much smaller company than either blue host or host Gator but they scored the fastest performance scores and lowest pricing after discounts no doubt the value here is exceptional now sigh ground may not be as much of a household name is the other two but it is one of the most popular web host for wordpress users specifically and is also an official recommended web host on the wordpress website as you can see here so it’s not like they’re unknown in recent years sycron has rapidly gained a huge and loyal following through their top notch customer service not to mention fantastic performance and reliability for the money here are some of the benefits for beginners looking to use sigh ground an official wordpress recommended web host you get your domain name completely free of charge when signing up just like bluehost wordpress one-click install and the 30 day money-back guarantee if you think our winner siteground is the right web host for you make sure to watch our step by step video on how we created this exact website just minutes after signing up with psych ground so that wraps up our top three recommendations for wordpress web hosting for beginners honestly you can’t go wrong with either of these top three picks so the more important thing is to just get started be sure to check out any of these three videos which shows you how to get started with the web host of your choice also if you want to get access to our special discounted pricing click the link in the description below which will take you to a resource page with all of our available web hosting discounts we update this every day so be sure to check it out often last but not least if you found this video useful please leave a thumbs up and a comment because it really helps the channel to grow also subscribe for more wordpress tutorials and videos just like this if you made it to the end thank you for watching this video and i hope you have a wonderful and productive day