There are nearly 20 development tools for 2018 dedicated for application developments at all levels which will improve productivity and experiences.

It is especially useful for developers to make points on the tools they use. Axosoft GitKraken , a Git client – Windows versioning software has conducted a survey to find out about the development tools that has been and will be used for 2018.

1.  GitKraken  : The GUI Graphic User Interface Git for Windows, Mac, and Linux

2.  Atom  : Hackable Text Editor

3.  VS Code  : Free and Lightweight Tool for Editing and Debugging Web Applications

4.  Git  : Distributed, Free and Open Source Software Version Management System

5.  GitHub  : Git web based hosting service

6.  Visual Studio  : Development tools and services for any platform under different languages

7.  Sublime Text  : Sophisticated text editor for coding, and HTML markup.

8.  Chrome DevTools  : A set of web-based authoring and debugging tools built into Google Chrome.

9.  Docker  : An open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications.

10.  GitLab Git repository, code exams tracking issues, activity flows and wikis.

11.  IntelliJ IDEA  : Java Integrated Development Environment

12.  PhpStorm multi-platform commercial IDE for PHP

13.  Postman  : powerful graphical platform to facilitate and accelerate API development.

14.  ReSharper  : Dedicated Visual Studio Extension for Microsoft .NET Developers

15.  Slack  : Instant messaging, archiving and content search tool

16.  PyCharm  IDE used specifically for Python

17.  Android Studio  : The official IDE for the Android platform

18.  Notepad ++  : Free source code editor supporting multiple compilable programming languages ​​on Windows.

19.  Xcode  : IDE for developing applications on Mac OS and iOS

20.  Stack Overflow  : Large learning community, and online knowledge sharing among programmers.