What data does Facebook collect from its users – and to whom does it continue? What are the most important Privacy tips for facebook? Hardly any user knows about it. The current data scandal is a good opportunity to deal with it thoroughly – and to act.
Anyone who uses a Facebook account shares data with the network and its partners. What users can limit is at least the amount of shared data. If you prefer to get along without the network in the future, you can also close down your account. Important questions and answers:

What can I do to reduce the amount of data I share?

One way for less data drain to third parties is the abandonment of the use of apps and switching off the app platform. These third-party applications sometimes have extensive access to a user’s information. What happens with the collected data from friend list, preferences and personal information is regulated in the Facebook Data Directive. There is no guarantee that this will be complied with.
What few people know: you do not have to use any apps to pass on your personal data to third parties via these applications. It’s enough if a Facebook friend at a harmless-looking survey such as “What Smurf is you?” or “What’s your favorite color?” participates. When using these apps, their creators get far-reaching access to their own profile and sometimes also to the friends’ list and profile information from friends.

How can I get an overview of this?

For an overview of used apps and the data that they pull from their own Facebook profile, just click on the settings and here on the sub-item “Apps”. Users of the smartphone app look into the “Account Settings” and here under “Apps”. Here Facebook apps are listed, where users are actively logged in. Here you can also deactivate the entire app platform for your own profile. Anyone who decides to take this step will not be able to use Facebook games or other smaller programs in the future. In return, however, also closed a way to read information.

If you want to continue using Facebook apps and games, you can adjust their permissions. This is in the settings under “Apps” and there by clicking on the respective program in the list. Here users can see and partly also adjust, which information an app may access. And also the permissions of the apps used by other users can be limited: To do this, you click in the app settings on “apps used by other users” and removes any checkmarks. Important: after selecting “Save” click.

Overview of collected data & delete an account

How do I know what Facebook actually knows about me?

A look into your own archive is enough. This is about the settings. There is an inconspicuous link below the general account settings called ” Download a copy of your Facebook data.” If you click on it, you will be redirected to a new page where the compilation of the personal Facebook archive can be initiated. After entering the password, a download link will arrive in the inbox of the e-mail address stored on Facebook a few minutes later.

If you download your personal archive later, you can see all the information you have given to Facebook, as well as all the chats with friends and acquaintances, events and preferences. The interests collected for advertising purposes are also listed. The files in the downloaded archive can be viewed with any browser (Edge, Chrome or Firefox).

How can I close my account?

If you prefer to continue digital life without Facebook, you can deactivate the account in the “Manage Account” settings. However, the account is not deleted but only shut down. All data, posts, and chats are retained on the Facebook servers. If you log in again after deactivation, you can continue using Facebook as usual. This option is, therefore, more useful for a self-imposed time out.

Facebook users can permanently delete their account only through a small detour. To do this, click on the question mark icon and tap “Delete Account” in the search field. In the following message, click on “Share it with us”. Anyone who follows this dialogue will apply to Facebook for the permanent cancellation of the account without the possibility of recovery. Until all data is deleted, according to Facebook can take up to 90 days. Some data remains, such as chat messages.