The Windows 10 update released last October already had a mechanism in its features to remove passwords, which is not yet operational.

In the latest Insider Build, it’s done. Microsoft, in addition to the authentication methods offered by Windows Hello (facial recognition and fingerprint) uses the Authenticator app for Android and iOS, which generates an 8-digit code viewable from the mobile of the user and allows a user experience without a password.

By the way, Microsoft announced a partnership with Fujitsu author of the recognition via palm-sized analysis.

This new build does not stop there.

GPU configuration

GPU Configuration

The user can access in Settings> System> Display to the advanced graphics settings, to choose the appropriate GPU mode or leave the default option that allows Windows to handle this choice in place of the use; according to the need of power of the application.

Bluetooth almost automatic appearance


A notification appears as soon as a new Bluetooth device is nearby. Just click on the alert to start pairing.

Windows Defenfer becomes Windows Security

Windows Defender

This follows the redesign of the Settings> Update & Security page; to allow Microsoft to recommend to users certain actions to better secure their PC.

The Account Protection feature encourages users who are still loyal to passwords to configure Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN to connect faster. It will also alert them if the 8-digit code dynamic lock is interrupted if their phone or Bluetooth device is turned off.

explains Microsoft.