The development languages ​​are so numerous, with different characteristics, that it can be difficult to select some of them in an objective way.

What are the strong trends in development languages ​​that will grow over the next 12 months? Here are the languages ​​most used by developers.


If you are an independent or professional developer, the popularity of a language is an excellent selection criterion. Measured by PYPL, the popularity indicator PYPL allows to observe the evolution of trends such as the consistency of Java for web and mobile applications ( Android ) or the loss of speed of PHP. ” The strength of PHP is based on powerful frameworks like Symfony which has no limit that your own imagination, ” said Guillaume of the agency TheTribe, specialist in Symfonytechno .



JavaScript always comes in the top three, as it offers a simple and easy to handle interface with a multitude of features to choose from and front framewoks. It will be difficult to do without web development as it is complete. The vast majority of developers know how to code in this language. It is therefore not enough to mention this one in his CV to make the difference, but it is essential to know it to better understand the news.

C & C ++

C /C++

It’s a language that is gaining popularity, especially because connected objects are very popular. Embedded software programming is simpler and more accessible with this concept . Its future is also much more secure since giants will be built with C like Firefox or Android (FushiaOS).

C ++ is a fast-growing development language that is often found on the podium in terms of ranking. It is powerful, reliable and has many features. It is therefore the preferred language for certain types of projects: the development of applications for mobile devices, business applications, office applications or scientific applications. The version of 20 that will be finalized in 2020 should include further improvements that would facilitate the management and the creation of the developer.



Python, voted “best language 2017” by IEEE , still exceeds Java and C in terms of influence in 2018. This ranking was developed from data collected from different sources. These are the numbers of queries for Python on Google Search and trends from Google Trends that conforms to it. This is the best of that you should learn to master in 2018.



This typed language can perfectly replace JavaScript provided you control it and be stuck in the updates. Indeed, TypeScript belonging to the giant Microsoft has already delivered 5 successive versions in the year 2017 alone. After the correction of some errors, the language takes off and begins to make a name in the sphere of web development.