When you turn on your computer, tablet or phone for the first time you only have one access to the internet: the default browser. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives if you want to replace it.

Internet Browsers: The Leaders

In Europe, the most used search engine is Chrome (Google) with nearly 50% market share, while Safari (Apple) and Firefox (Mozilla Foundation) are respectively on the second and third step of the podium.

More surprisingly, the ever-increasing use of smartphones has enabled Android and Samsung Internet browsers to each close to 2.5% of the European market. More than Eden, the new Windows browser!

If he can convince, it should grow, see climb up to the 4 th  place in the ranking, since it is the new default Windows browser.

Of course, popularity is not necessarily synonymous with quality, but for reference here are statistics collected in Europe between February 2016 and February 2017 by StatCounter Global.



Who has not laughed at seeing a meme mocking the slowness of Internet Explorer? The good news for Windows users is that IE is a thing of the past. His replacement is Edge.

In June 2016, almost a year after its launch, Microsoft released lab-benchmark results comparing Edge to its major competitors. Obviously, the goal was to highlight the strengths of their product, including its energy consumption.

Indeed, between Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Opera, Edge is the most economical. For example, for equal use, see the image below, the battery lasts 7:22 with Edge vs. 4h19 with Chrome.


After these results, Google quickly announced that the company was working on an update of Chrome to improve its energy performance.

In the same order, the Opera browser has launched a mode “reduced consumption” supposed to save up to 50% battery.

Internet Browsers: The Challengers

Internet browsing is not limited to Chrome, Safari or Firefox. There are many alternatives to the most popular search engines, here are some of them.


With 2.6% market share in Europe, Opera is proportionally less used on the old continent than in the rest of the world (5.19%) although it was developed by a Norwegian company. The search browser has seduced its users by being one of the first to highlight the security of its users. In addition, Opera includes an adblock and a free and unlimited VPN.

UR Browser

Despite an English-sounding name, UR Browser  was created in France by the company Adaptive Bee. Like Opera, UR Browser is based on Chromium, the source code of Google Chrome, and brings its own complementary features: personalization, prevention against online tracking …

The browser also includes a VPN (UR Ninja 500MB free per month), an adblock (UR Adcontrol) and a reputation control tool visited sites (UR Shield). UR Browser uses Qwant, the French search engine launched in 2013.


Developed for the Chinese market, Maxthon  has capitalized on its additional features: many tools for bookmarking, image capture, customization … There are so many functions that it takes a little time to get used to it.

Internet browser

What is the best internet browser?

Internet browsers are updated so regularly, not to mention the addition or removal of features that it would be useless to claim to be able to achieve a classification frozen in the marble (or on web page).

The advantage of internet browsers, compared to other software, is that they are free!

If this is not available on your hard drive, you are not limited to using a single browser, on the contrary. At Tech Advisor, each computer has more than one browser. PC users usually choose Chrome, Opera and Firefox while Mac aficionados use Safari and Firefox.

These browsers all have very good performance and, except Internet Explorer (and to a certain extent Microsoft Edge), synchronize your data (favorites, passwords, etc.) between different devices (phone, tablet, computer).

All have specific extensions and features. If a particular site is poorly supported by one of the browsers, change it. The following table summarizes the main features of the most popular internet browsers.