Tesla semi truck seems finally ready to begin deliveries on the roads, if we believe this photo posted on Instagram by the boss of the firm.

Presented last November, Tesla Semi Truck seems to have the same ambitions as the company’s electric vehicles: to conquer the roads. Despite the fact that the official announcement of the truck has been delayed until November 2017, electric vehicles seem to interest many companies. To date, major firms such as PepsiCo and UPS have both ordered 100 and 125 Tesla Semi respectively. As for DHL, the boss recently revealed to Reuters that it appears that the company’s trucks are easily profitable faster than expected, because of savings on fuel and maintenance.

The First Delivery Of Tesla Truck


Tesla Truck

Although the launch of the trucks is scheduled for 2019 (if there is no delay …), Tesla announced March 7 that the vehicle would make its first delivery. In fact, Elon Musk took the opportunity to share the news on one of his favorite social networks, Instagram. Below the photo that shows a couple of trucks in charge of delivery, he adds the caption: ” The first production trip of the Tesla Semi Truck carrying Gigafactory factory batteries in the Nevada Mountains at the factory automobile in California “. The announcement comes as a result of the company’s recent announcement that it will build charging stations directly on the sites of the companies that purchased the vehicles, including PepsiCo, UPS, and Anheuser-Busch.

Musk’s announcement on Instagram is reminiscent of Uber’s first test in 2016. If the firm had not reported on social media, its autonomous vehicle had traveled 200 kilometers to transport a cargo of nearly 2,000 crates of Budweiser beers. Regarding the company of VTC, this one seems to have taken a lead on Tesla, since it indicated just yesterday that its trucks entered service on the motorways of Arizona.

Once on the market, Musk’s electric vehicles will also have to deal with those of Daimler. If the latter had managed to officially present his vehicle before the announcement of Tesla, this competitor and its vehicles also announce robustly tesla truck