By default when we see the dropdown list of timesheets in the Import Timesheet page, they are not really sorted. And it is quite difficult to select the appropriate timesheet you want to import for your tasks to be updated. Follow the steps below to sort the timesheets:

  1. Go to "ProjectServer_Published" database.

  2. In Stored Procedures find the procedure named: MSP_WEB_SP_QRY_ReadMyTimeSheetsBetweenDates (this stored procedure is called to populate the dropdown list with timesheets.)

  3. open the stored procedure for modification and add the Order by clause in the end of the SP eg. "order by P.WPRD_FINISH_DATE desc".

  4. execute the SP.

  5. Check and see the sorted dropdown list.

you can also update the same procedure to limit the start and end date of its timehsheet search.