Chrome Music Lab, a Google experiment department, is launching a new tool called Song Maker for those who want to compose music easily online. In fact, this tool is available on the browser at the following address; so no need to download the application.

The screen is divided into two parts: first, the main part of the screen, where the user can choose notes and melody; just click on a box to select a note. You can select multiple notes at once by dragging the cursor on them. Once selected, the note appears in color, as in the screenshot below.

The second part, which is the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, allows the user to adjust the tempo. The user can also choose between the different instruments such as the drum, the piano, the marimba, or the guitar. These three parameters (melody, rhythm and instrument) allow the user to compose his musical score.

Once the melody is composed, the user can either listen to it and save it, or send it to a friend for the latter to collaborate and add his personal touch to the musical piece.

For those who wish to go further, it is possible to connect a midi keyboard or even activate the microphone option add vocals. The melody will also be displayed on the screen. There are also more advanced features such as the octave setting, the length of the loop, or the number of beats per measure. Song Maker is a free tool, so the only limit is the creativity of the user: