If your computer running Windows 10 blows hard, CPU consumption is constantly on the tab and it quickly empties the battery , it may be because of the process that manages the virtual memory compression.

This is often done on small machines notebook types that have a weak processor and it is quite annoying. So here is a solution that may not be the perfect solution, but one that works and is especially reversible if you see edge effects.

Launch PowerShell as Administrator (right-click on the command), and type the command ”  Get-MMAgent “.

You will see if memory compression is enabled. Here, “MemoryCompression” is set to “True”. So activated.


We will then deactivate it with the following command:

Disable-MMAgent -m

And that’s it … Again using the Get-MMAgent command, we can see that “MemoryCompression” has changed to False.

Restart the machine and normally, you will not have (I cross my fingers) CPU worry at 100%.

If this change does not suit you, you can always go back with the command:

Enable-MMAgent -m