Deckset MAC


The presentation software Deckset, which made its debut in the Mac App Store and was exclusively available there for years, changes to direct sales version 2 to get rid of the limitations of Apple’s software store.

With Deckset, a Mac program has now left Apple’s software store, which had made its debut in the Mac App Store and so far was only available through this channel. The new version 2 is purely sold as a direct purchase by the developer on their own website and is not represented in the Mac App Store. They have used the big update to retire after four years from Apple’s store, explains the developer studio Unsigned Integer . The direct sales allow a more flexible pricing, the developers cite as the main reason – so you can give students a significant discount, as well as teams.

The excerpt from the Mac App Store should also allow a higher update frequency, as the “tedious submission and review process” by Apple is eliminated. The Mac manufacturer controls not only new apps, but also every little update. Again and again it comes to trouble, such as incomprehensible rejections of updates or longer waiting times, such as recently in the case of software Wiso tax – this is not only for developers but also users frustrating.

Version 1 of the presentation software, which creates presentations from Markdown Text, is currently still in the Mac App Store. Users who bought them there after 1 March 2017 will receive version 2 for free, for all other buyers Deckset 2 will cost 29 euros in direct sales.

Over the past few years, a whole host of prominent Mac software has left Apple’s store. In addition to the waiting times, the rigid pricing, missing upgrade offers and lost customer contact, developers complain in particular also Apple’s sandboxing requirement that excludes many apps from sales through the Mac App Store – or an adjustment probably does not pay off. Apple has completely overhauled the iOS app store in the past year, whether similar is also planned for the Mac App Store, remains open for now.