Mobility is a basic demand for everyone these days, therefore the Information Technology department of almost every company is implementing more and more solutions to meet this needs of users. Users want to have access to their files from anywhere: hotels, their homes, from customers’ homes and they also want access from any device.

All this creates many constraints for IT services and stored files on file servers does not meet 100% user demand, so today I will explain why you should set up SharePoint in your company or your customers to meet the demands of users.

Access information from anywhere

SharePoint is a web portal so it can be accessed from outside in a secure manner with the https. Even in the hotels or behind the proxies of your customers you will be able to access your secure files on your corporate SharePoint.

Access information from any device

SharePoint is based on modern web technologies, you want to access them from your phone! You can: SharePoint automatically configures a mobile view of your document libraries, so you can navigate your SharePoint libraries to open your documents.

The only thing you need to access your SharePoint is an Internet browser.

SharePoint does not require the device to be an enterprise device: SharePoint will just ask you for your corporate account and password to access your data.

Your user becomes more autonomous and efficient

We see through the two previous points that your users will gain in performance by simply accessing their information quickly and it does not stop there SharePoint increases the possibilities offered to the user to be more efficient and autonomous to the management of its files:

  • Categorize your data using metadata:
    • Fewer directories and subdirectories to manage, ranking becomes more convenient
  • Restore your data by yourself:
    • SharePoint has a “Recycle Bin” for the user, so he can restore his own files in 3 clicks! This avoids a lot of calls to IT Support.
    • Managing file versions, you can restore in two clicks an old version of one of your documents (you can even view the contents of the old version before restoring it) without using Computer Support.
  • Work with others on the same document and at the same time:
    • With SharePoint it is possible to modify a Word document at the same time and you will see the modifications made on the document by your collaborators without having to reopen the document.
  • Track and be alert of changes on a document:
    • You will be able to subscribe to a document to be notified as soon as a person makes a change to this document.
  • Define a workflow on a document:
    • Your user can associate a workflow to a document to manage different properties such as the process of visibility of the document, destruction of the document etc.
  • Open and edit a document without having Office on the device:
    • SharePoint introduces the concept of Office Web Apps that lets you view and modify documents without having Office installed on the device you are using.
  • Work offline and automatic synchronization:
    • With SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, you can synchronize a SharePoint library on your computer so you can have a local copy of the library to work offline, as soon as you have another available internet connection, the OneDrive for Business client. will automatically sync your changes to SharePoint.

Here are some of the great features that SharePoint brings you to improve the efficiency of your users. After a few days your users will no longer want to see their document returned to the file server.