Samsung  celebrates the  10th  anniversary of its flagship mobile range the  Galaxy “raising the bar”. The company has unveiled this Wednesday in San Francisco in its biggest annual presentation – in this case, before the  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona –  four variants  of its new flagship phone, the  Samsung S10 ; one of them, ready to connect in 5G environments  They will go on sale on March 8.

Features of the Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10  is the most popular and balanced version of the phone a   premium smartphone that has the best screen developed by Samsung to date the first Dynamic Amoled screen in the world. It is the first  smartphone  to receive the HDR10 + certification. Its screen allows to visualize more real digital content and with its dynamic color sampling it highlights a wider range of colors. The screen is Quad HD + of 6.1 inches and 550 ppi, with a screen ratio of 93.1% and curved at its edges.

The Galaxy S10’s Dynamic Amoled display also incorporates the first digital ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen, which reads the three-dimensional contours of the fingerprint, rather than a 2D image, to improve protection against spoofing.

As for the main camera, the device has a  triple camera . For the first time in the history of the S series, the Galaxy S10 includes an ultra wide-angle lens with a field of view of 123 degrees, similar to that of the human eye. The other two lenses are a wide angle and a telephoto lens.

The device will also have  Wireless PowerShare , and will allow charging other devices with Qi certificate   (the battery will be 3,400 mAh). It also has intelligent Wi-Fi and artificial intelligence in both the camera and the performance. Also,  fast supercharging charge   Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, IP68 water and dust  resistance , a new generation of processors and services from Samsung such as Bixby, Samsung Health, Samsung Pay and Samsung DeX.

The price will start at 909 euros.

Samsung S10 + model

For consumers looking for a high performance device  , the  ‘top’ range  of this shipment of new smartphones will be the  Galaxy S10 + , which grows in features. The screen will be 6.4 inches (also Dynamic Amoled and curved at its edges), the rear camera will also be triple (telephoto, wide angle and ultra wide-angle) and the front, double. Your battery will also be higher, 4,100 mAh.

The rest of the characteristics will be similar to those of S10. It will cost from 1,009 euros.

The Galaxy S10e

On the other hand, the mobile of the  range of entrance  will be the  Galaxy S10e , that “has been designed for those who wish to have the essential elements of high range in a compact design with a flat screen”.

In this case, the screen will be  Full HD +  of 5.8 inches (522 ppi) – without curve – and the rear camera, dual: wide angle and ultra wide angle. The front will have a single lens.

With 6 GB of RAM and 3,100 mAh of battery, it will share the same processor as the other devices. It will cost 759 euros.

Sagalxy S10 5G, the first with 5G

Finally, Samsung is released in the environment of  5G  with the  Galaxy S10 5G  (one of the first announced in the world). “With the Galaxy S10 5G, people with access to a  5G network  can download an entire season of a television series in a matter of minutes, participate in online games with quality graphics with little delay, enjoy augmented reality and virtual experiences and keep in touch with your friends and families through 4K video calls in real time, “said the firm.

To get the most out of 5G connectivity, the Galaxy S10 5G includes the largest screen so far of the Galaxy S series, the 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display and the 3D Depth camera to capture 3D images and enhance the Video Live Focus and Automatic Ruler features. All powered by 4,500 mAh and an ultra-fast load of 25 W.

The folding mobile is a reality with Samsung Galaxy Fold

What was once science fiction is finally a reality:  Samsung  has announced on Wednesday what will be its first  folding  (or flexible) mobile market: the  Galaxy Fold . It will not be the only one, as many announcements are expected in this regard during the next days at the  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The South Korean company has unveiled the  Samsung Galaxy Fold  at its 2019 Unpacked  event  in San Francisco, where the new Galaxy S10 will also be unveiled in San Francisco. “A new era begins,” said  DJ Koh , president and CEO of the mobile division at Samsung Electronics.

The  Galaxy Fold  is similar to a Nintendo 3DS: folded, presents the size of a normal mobile and has a single screen on the outside of 4.6 inches. When opened, however, an internal screen of 7.3 inches appears, transforming the phone into a small tablet. The  mobile , then, has double use: without folding, as a normal mobile, and open, as a tablet.

The device (open) will allow the execution of up to  three applications  at the same time. It will have up to six cameras (three in the back, two in the internal and one in the front of the terminal). It will be equipped with dual battery, 8-core and 7-nanometer processor   and 12 GB of RAM.

The company has equipped the mobile with an opening mechanism that will support “hundreds of thousands” of openings. The Galaxy Fold will go on sale April 26 in four colors, and the  price  in the United States will be $ 1,980. In  Spain it  will go on sale, but the official price is still unknown.

Now we must wait and watch as Tech giant Samsung who is known for its heavy duty tech models has given the mobile world a new dimension. Will they be able to retain the Number one spot or it will be an other failure for them.