Whenever executives in manufacturing companies need information on production it’s usually because there’s an urgent problem or they’re trying to head off an urgent problem in the future the operation systems contain a world of real-time data but not much of it is available to people who need it right when they wanted in a form they can use unless they’re factorytalk vantage point emi customers like these companies factorytalk vantage point emi is enterprise manufacturing intelligence it incorporates real-time and historical production data from rockwell automation factorytalk sweet as well as other providers control and enterprise business systems to create dynamic kpi dashboards and reports that can be used to avoid production problems get more out of supply chains and more out of existing assets with vantage point emi real-time data from production systems and business data from enterprise systems can be accessed in language relevant to the problem with the browser any authorized user can investigate incidents shift manufacturing among plants drill down to determine the cost of the electricity used to make today’s batch determine whether a production target is reachable pinpoint sources of energy waste what makes it possible for vantage point emi to be put to so many different uses enterprise-wide is service-oriented architecture that uses a broad range of technologies and industry standards this makes it easy to configure your own reports dashboards and production scorecards in addition to the many we supply models of your production environment are easy to build and highly reusable via dot net web services and sequel procedure calls with the inside these models provide everyone in the organization can get the operations information he or she needs to meet customer demands control waste and emissions and reduce manufacturing costs once you start using factorytalk vantage point emi enterprise manufacturing intelligence people will find new applications for it every day throughout your operations contact us to get started