The SasS project management tool benefits from a major update with Trello Home in particular, the equivalent of a personalized news feed.

Based on maps and tables, the Trello Project Management Tool gets a new look with a new homepage and new notification features.

It’s about allowing users to better organize their work and information.

Prioritize tasks

For this purpose, the tool now has Trello Home, a new dashboard that provides a view of a user’s tasks grouped on one page.

Those with the highest priority are at the top of this new homepage.

Trello Home also works with an improved notification system that allows users to act quickly and efficiently.

With this form of news feed customized for each user, it is indeed ”  to reveal the information you need, when you need it  “. Trello summarizes the purpose of Trello Home by explaining that it is about ”  letting the information come to you and navigate at your own pace. See what everyone is working on in your team without having to search every board. 

To this end, Trello Home has “Up Next” and “Highlights” features. The organization is done by priority (according to the delivery dates) and according to card activities that may require immediate attention.

Greater interaction is also needed. In this logic, the notification system is indeed improved, with the ability for the user to change the due dates and stop the flow of notifications of a particular card. Alerts can also be marked as “read” or “unread”.

With such an approach, Trello tries to push the most relevant information to the top, helping users to prioritize their tasks.

Google, Microsoft and Slack on the ranks

Falling into Atassian’s hands at the beginning of 2017 (for 425 million dollars, including 360 million in cash), Trello completes the product range of the Australian software company, which includes JIRA, Confluence and HipChat.

This update is intended to allow Trello to remain attractive in the field of collaboration tools and project management very congested.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Slack occupy the ground. But, Trello does not let it count claiming more than 2 billion cards to manage projects created by its users, according to Atlassian.

All these new features are currently available on Trello Web and will soon be deployed on Trello desktop and mobile.

As a reminder, spin-off of the publisher Fog Creek born in 2011, Trello is inspired by the project management method Kanban, which originated with Toyota, where it was developed by the engineer Taiichi Ohno to the late 40s.

Trello, which organizes projects by moving virtual post-its on a whiteboard, has more than 19 million users worldwide. Of which more than half exploit the pro version. It is found in organizations like Google, Pixar, Adobe or the British government.