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Actually, the SXSW festival is technically optimistic, but SpaceX founder Elon Musk did not shy away from drastic warnings in Texas. Once again, he described AI as the greatest threat to humanity and called for urgent action.

In a surprise appearance at the festival SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas Elon Musk has once again of the dangers of artificial intelligence warned and campaigned for the plans of his space company SpaceX. He assured , according to Engadget again, to be a friend of regulation, but that the case lies different with AI. There must be a public body that has insight and makes sure that everyone develops only safe AI technology , because: “AI is much more dangerous than nuclear weapons.” That there is no supervisory authority is crazy. Already last year, Musk – who himself is active in AI research – had campaigned with drastic warnings for such supervision.

In addition, Musk announced that the next big rocket from SpaceX, the “Big Falcon Rocket” ( the official name of the BFR ) should take over first short test flights next year. Once operational, it will enable interplanetary travel and the settlement of Mars . Musk hopes that the tests will strengthen public support and encourage imitators. Because a human outpost on the Red Planet is important, so that humanity can better survive disasters on Earth. Musk therefore considers a “further Middle Ages” likely, “especially if there is a Third World War”. A Martian colony would allow humanity to recover from it.

Musk’s grim warnings about the dangers of AI and the need for an alien colony are not new, but certainly unusual at the festival for technology optimists. In somewhat more positive remarks Musk also gave insights into the eventful history of SpaceX and Tesla. Both companies could have failed accordingly. In addition, he assured enthusiastic listeners that while he spent 20 percent of his tweets on his tunnel boring company, The Boring Company, he spent only 2 percent of his time. Together with the creators of the HBO series “Westworld” Musk had also created a short film on the much-acclaimed maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy and presented to the public in Austin.