Microsoft is experimenting, with a panel of Windows 10 testers, the display, in Edge, open links from the application Mail. For those who have chosen the option “skip ahead” to try the next major version of Windows 10, the links that you click in the Mail application will open in Edge .

Microsoft is sending the message to this group of testers.

If the new version available to them ( build 17623) is the junction between two software firm *, it is officially in the name of the user experience.

Voices have been raised against this decision, putting it in parallel with the choice – made nearly two years ago – to redirect the research done through Cortana to Microsoft’s Bing engine.

The American group has activated other levers to try to accelerate the adoption of Edge. Among others, promotional messages in the taskbar and a window that appears when the user wants to change the default browser.

Last of the browser class

He also discussed the confrontation with the other browsers from the standpoint of autonomy, tests in support .

In practice, Edge struggles to win: in the desktop market , it captures 4.04% of web traffic at the latest score of StatCounter , against 67.49% for Google Chrome, 11.54% for Firefox, 5.42 % for Safari … and Internet Explorer 6.91%. NetMarketShare gives him 4.38%, against 60.57% for Chrome, 13.05% for IE and 10.94% for Firefox.

The Build 17623 also introduces support of HEIF (High Efficiency File Format), sub-HEVC format which uses the compression codecs with greater efficiency in jpeg.

Microsoft is also improving Windows Defender Application Guard (faster launch and file download feature enabled on Windows 10 Enterprise) and adding a secure disconnect method for external GPUs on Thunderbolt 3 interface.

* It’s the same on iOS, where the connection is made between the Mail application and the Safari browser.