Google will integrate the IoT Xively platform into its IoT Core cloud, its service for managing connected object environments, to accelerate its development in the connected objects market.

Google plans to take advantage of a market that should soon generate the biggest needs in terms of cloud computing, namely that of IoT. In this sense, the Californian has announced the acquisition of Xively, an IoT platform belonging to the publisher of unified communication solutions LogMeIn for $ 50 million. Xively has developed a solution that allows device manufacturers to integrate connectivity into the design of their connected objects. It also includes storage and management tools as well as an analytical dashboard. In a blog post. Alphabet’s subsidiary indicated that the integration of the solution into its product portfolio should serve as a springboard to the growing IoT market. “By 2020, we estimate that around 20 billion connected objects will be online and cloud data analysis and storage is now the cornerstone of any successful IoT solution,” said Antony Passemard. Chief Product Manager at Google Cloud IoT in a blog post.

As part of this acquisition, Xively’s technology and 45 collaborators will be integrated with Cloud IoT Core, a Google service that manages connected object environments and helps developers to move the different data they generate to their different cloud tools. For its part, LogMeIn, which acquired Xively in 2014 for $ 12 million, said it was pulling out of the connectivity market for IoT to focus on the UccaS. This refocusing materialized with the acquisition of Jive Communications at the beginning of the week for $ 357 million.