Apple unveiled iOS 12 Features List at the start of its developer conference WWDC on June 4, 2018. What new features bring the next version of the operating system on the iPhone and iPad and what changes you expect, you can find out here.

In the development of iOS 12, Apple has placed great emphasis on the performance of the system – especially for older devices. The operating system should run on the same devices as iOS 11. That’s almost all iPhones and iPads released since 2013. There is also news in the AR area, as well as many Apple apps and new Animojis that can do more.

Old Hardware Gets Faster

Apple promises that iOS 12, especially on older smartphones and tablets about apps start twice as fast or about the parts button appears twice as fast. The keyboard app should also be up to 50 percent faster available. The camera app launches up to 70 percent, said WWDC in San Jose, California.

Apple puts on iOS 12 also on Augmented Reality (AR). That’s why Apple has created a new file format for AR content with USDZ and has already found partners with Adobe, among others, who will support the file format in their software suites.

A new app from Apple that leverages AR is Measure. It is a digital tape measure or ruler, with which you can measure real objects on the iPhone’s camera – even in 3D.

To match this, Apple is expanding its developer kit for AR applications with ARKit 2. In the souped-up reality, one can see in the future on two devices the same artificial additions of the real world. This is especially suitable for games. As Lego demonstrated at the WWDC Keynote.

Photos make suggestions, Siri can be customized

Apple has expanded the search in the Photos app. It recognizes other places and searches terms. In addition, she now makes suggestions that you may be looking for: people, places, categories or events. In the search, you can combine in iOS 12 terms to browse more targeted. In addition, there is a completely new tab “For you”, the reminder, inter alia, photos taken on that day in the past or makes suggestions for image editing. In addition, the Photos app in iOS 12 suggests which photo you should share with whom – based on the people you recognize.

Siri becomes more individual with shortcuts and theoretically works with any app. In the future, you can create your own sentences, so-called “shortcuts”, and link them with apps. For example, using the Tile app, you can find the Tile pendant on your keyring. Suffice Siri to say that you have lost your key.

News on Apple News, Apple Books, Voice Memos and Car Play

Apple has also worked on iOS 12 on its own apps. So Apple News gets a new browse tab to find new channels and themes. In addition, Apple integrates its news app in the stock app. There you can read in addition to stock prices then selected business news. In conjunction with the Apple News, the stock app comes on the iPad.

The speech memo app has completely redesigned Apple and wants to make it easier to use. It also comes with iOS 12 on the iPad for the first time and receives iCloud support to synchronize voice recordings on various devices.

Apple has also given iBooks a completely new design and a new name: The app is now called “Apple Books” and receives a new store for books and audiobooks.

If you already use Car Play in the car, you can look forward to iOS 12 not just showing you the way from Apple Maps. In the future, you can also be guided by third-party navigation apps via CarPlay to its destination.


Less distraction, more concentration

With iOS 12, Apple introduces a “do not disturb” mode. At night, this ensures that you do not see any notifications but only the time of day. Notifications will not appear until the next morning. “Do not disturb” can also be activated at any time during the day – via the control center for one hour or up to a certain time. So you have, for example, in the lunch break or with the child on the playground his peace.

Also for less distraction, the new grouped news to worry. They are not only sorted by apps, but also by topic.

With “Screen Time” Apple introduces a weekly activity report . Here you can see how to use your iPhone or iPad: how long, when and which app, how often per hour and which most messages sent. This should help to decide how much time you really want to spend with your iPhone or iPad.

If you have children, there is a separate activity report for them that you as parents can also see. Building on this, you can limit the use of iPhone or iPad by the offspring. When to use them, which apps to use or when to use which apps.

With App Limits, iOS 12 offers the possibility to introduce time restrictions. You can then ban more than an hour of Instagram a day. Five minutes before the time limit is reached, there is a warning.

iMessages and FaceTime: Memojis and group video calling

Apple extends its set of Animojis. With iOS 12, the iPhone X also recognizes tongues. The mouth in the cute animations will not be empty in the future. With a Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex, four new Animojis are added. And with Memojis you can create your own Animojis – not just yourself.

His video calling app Facetime complements Apple to group calls with up to 32 people. By integrating with iMessage, you can start a group video call directly from a group chat.

iOS 12 Release date:

iOS 12 will be released in the fall of 2018, developers can try the beta version now.