Microsoft SharePoint is the leading platform for modern and efficient collaboration in and between companies and offers the full range of services: from company intranet with social functions via the collaboration portal for project teams to the content or document management system with workflows and process digitization.

Professional Sharepoint Introduction

Often, SharePoint is only used as a departmental drive. Only the mapping of the functional processes opens up the full potential for your employees. By automating activities, employees gain new freedom and the quality of the work results is increased. A professional SharePoint introduction is therefore not completed so that all jobs get access to the system – it starts with it.

SharePoint is a flexible organizational and communication platform, offering a variety of tools and building blocks to simplify your work and that of your colleagues and enhance effective collaboration. The challenge now is to put these tools together in such a way that the activities and information needs of the employees are ideally represented and your professionalism is optimally supported

Make full use of the potential of your SharePoints

With SharePoint, you have the ability to easily and intuitively provide your employees with all the content they need. Reducing complexity is at the heart of every successful SharePoint project. The support and involvement of all employees is essential for a successful launch of the collaboration platform. In addition, outside user groups, such as external departments, customers or suppliers, are to be considered in the usage concept.

The Business Connectivity Services enable the integration of external applications and back-end systems. So you have a common platform that enables unified collaboration in a familiar environment. A concept for the administration of your SharePoint pages also ensures that your administrative effort is reduced to a minimum and you are always able to provide information about access authorizations.