Cloud Mining is better than CPU or GPU Mining, no need to hear the sound of fans all day & no need to take care of electricity bills. Cloud Mining is easy, start with low investments, check results and decide when to invest more. So Today’s review is one of newly launched company Ice Rock Mining ICO.

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Ice Rock Mining ICO Introduction:

Ice Rock Mining (IRM) offers the most effective and profitable way of mining crypto-currency; the first mountain farm inside the cave, Yes it’s actually in the real cave.

Its website and technology allow achieving unique crypto-currency mining, which provides an excellent opportunity for all miners and investors.

These Guys gathered in a Soviet bunker, Given the strategic location of the project with a maintained temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, ideally suitable for any datacenter or mining farm, so it will be zero cost of cooling isn’t that good and big saving?

The cheaper energy supply also has a big advantage for the project, which will lead to increased profits and lower costs.

There were a lot of doubters and see what happens right now? At the moment, dubious players become supporters. It’s good to doubt, but the process should not stop there, you have to look for the truth.

We are adding a video about company introduction please view it first and then read more.

You can also see it on your website in It explains the basic concept of the project and its advantages. Which Provides a visual illustration of the site and explains the technology used in it.

Security inside Ice Rock Mining ICO

They actually started the project and began to order equipment from Bitmain. The project has already been initiated and still refers to the process of solidification of structure and technology. Obviously, the roadmap of the project is executed accordingly. In fact, Ice Rock Mining CEO Malik Murzashev went to Hong Kong with Bitmain to provide further access to buying more of his mining equipment.

This will be very unfortunate if you miss this ICO. Miners and investors should not miss this exceptional opportunity to become part of this unique project – Ice Rock Mining. While capital costs for the production of cryptocurrency are reduced by 25%, which makes production more efficient and economical, which leads to optimal returns and sustainable progress.

The project involved engineering work. Among the various cryptocurrency mining methods, Ice Rock Mining has chosen cloud development services, which are on average 20-35% cheaper than average market prices due to the extremely low cost of servicing the farm. Participation in this project is absolutely worth it, because of the lower the cost of service, the higher the profitability.

Alpha Testing of Ice Rock Mining

The IRM identifier is called the ROCK marker, the Ethereum marker (ERC-20), which gives the right to purchase IRM capacity in accordance with the pricing plan specified in the “Pricing Plans” section in our document and on the website. During payments ICO in bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be accepted, and the price for the token will vary depending on the date of purchase. Acquiring a token is your key to getting into the IRM world; make and feel the best of it.

Company name: Ice Rock Mining

Company website:

Email address: [email protected] , [email protected]

Company contact details: @ dias1990 ICO Manager (telegram)

Tel: +77073030310 (WhatsApp, Skype)


Ice Rock Mining ICO Review