You are spending alot of time on Facebook, creating content and sharing it. But with limited organic reach to the viewers you are not getting enough return on your investment.

This is where Facebook post booster comes into play.

Anyone with the Business Page can boost their post. Boosting Post on facebook means paying to get your content seen by more people.

In this article we will learn how to use feature and how to get the most out of it.

Advantages of boosting a Facebook post

  • Increase the organic reach . Facebook has gone on record that organic reach for post business post has decline. In other words number of viewers who can view your post is falling.Facebook aim to fill the news feeds with content from friends and family rather then brands. Facebook boosted posts are your chance to overcome that hurdle.
  • Targeted and wider reach . with facebook post booster you can reach wider audience. You aren’t limited to the people who already subscribe to your page.You can set the targeted audience parameter for the people who will see your content. For example you can set the geographical paramiters, gender, age etc.
  • Easy Usage. As soon you click on boost post facebook will review your content and give you a green signal your content will go viral instantly .More importantly any type of post can be boosted short messages , images, videos, Article or link to website.
  • Control . You’ll have the leverage to control your boosted post once it goes live . Like You can change your plan run short or boost another post instead.
  • Analytical Access . You’ll get complete summery of performance of your boosted post thanks to the Facebook insight.Go to the insights and click on post from there you can view the breakdown of all your post including post you boosted in terms of reach, clicks,reactions comments and share.

Facebook Boost post features

This is up to you to decide what you want to boost . You can boost almost everything on your business page. It could be an article or promotion or announcement.

There are three main features of Facebook post boost.

  • Targeted Audience . May be your post docent interest everyone on facebook it has specific area or gender or age or interest. You can customize your parameters and reach targeted audience .
  • Budget .You can spend as much low and 1$ to maximize as much you want to that will change the audience what will be able to see your content.
  • Time Line . You can set the time dates and days for how long you want to run your ad. It can be fixed or like for one day or or week or until you manually stop.

How to boost a post on Facebook

Now lets get started with the steps from which you can start boosting your post on facebook.

1. Choose a post to boost

When you can composing your post you can see a gray button “Boost post” right next to the publish button on the lower right corner of the post box.

If you want to boost a existing post their is a Blue button on the lower right corner “Boost Post” on the post you want to boost. Or you can go to insights tab and find list of all your post over there every post will have “Boost post” button other there.

2. Target your audience

Next you will be taken to a options box where you can set your target audience. You can set multiple geographical locations, You can set the age and gender of your audience , you can set the people who have interest in your category . If you want to create custom audience for your post you can click on Create New Audience Option.

3. Set your budget

Once you set your audience you’ll have to select a budget for your campaign. When you set you audience you will have a gauge which will show you your potential reach. Spending lowest to 1$ will provide you reach to few people. By increasing your budget you can increase the viewership of your ad.

4. Set the boost duration

Next you have to set duration of your campaign. By default you can chose 1 day or 7 days of 14 days or you can set the ” Run the ad until” to specify the dates for how long you want you ad to run.

5. Preview the post

Take a good time to review your ad. Make your its error free and all the links are properly added and all the visual elements are good. This is your last chance of making any changes .

6. Select a payment option

You have to fill out the details of payments. Facebook accept all kinds of payment transfer methods.

7. Boost

Let the magic begun. Now you are ready to boost your post on facebook. Yes of course facebook will review your boost post before making in live. So it will take take some time before you see the results. You can check the status of your ad any time by looking into delivery column of your Ads Manager.