Posting GIFs on Instagram is the same as posting videos , because displaying a GIF first involves converting to a video file. You can not download the GIF file format directly to Instagram.

But if you can not convert a video for any reason, you still have another method, which is to use the Instagram Boomerang app.

How to convert and download GIFs on Instagram

If you already have the GIF that you want to share, you can convert it online. There are many services that you can use to convert the GIF files that you have saved. I opted for Cloud Convert’s GIF to MP4 converter .

  1. Click on “Select Files” and navigate to the place where you saved your GIF file
  2. Once your file is downloaded, MP4 must already be selected as the final file format
  3. Click on the “Start conversion” button
  4. Once the conversion is complete, click on the “Download” button to save the file to your computer
  5. Then you have to send this file to your smartphone. The method you use depends on the operating system of your phone and your computer, but the easiest way is to send it to you by e-mail or to save it to an online storage account, like Dropbox
  6. After saving the file to your phone, start Instagram on your phone and press the “+” button to create a new post
  7. Select the MP4 file you just downloaded to your smartphone, and share it on Instagram as you would a video by following the steps above

Note that if you are looking for GIFs to post to Instagram, Giphy already has an integrated conversion option. When you download a GIF file to your computer, you can select MP4 as the file format.

How to post videos on Instagram

  1. Press the “+” button and select the video in your filmstrip that you want to share on Instagram. Tap “Next”
  2. If you want, you can apply an Instagram filter to your video
  3. If you want to select a portion of the video to share, tap Adjust. Drag the ends of the video in the slider to select the exact part of the video you want to share. Press OK
  4. Tap “Cover” to select the static image that will appear on your profile and in your subscribers’ feeds. Tap Next
  5. Add a caption and tap “Share” to post it to your Instagram profile

If you want to import high quality videos that have not been shot on your smartphone, simply drop it on a cloud service and retrieve it on your smartphone.

Do you have tips or tricks for sharing GIFs and videos on Instagram?