Windows 10 users, have you noticed that a lot of your hard drive space is all used up? The reason is that Microsoft wanted to give you choices. That’s right, when you upgraded to Windows 10, all of your old system information was stored for you in case you want to make the move back to your previous version. But, if you know that you are going to stay with Windows 10, and we think most of you will once you see all the cool new stuff you can do with the new Windows version, it might be time to get rid of all of those old files since they can take up to 20GB of your hard drive space!

If you know Windows 10 is what you want to use, it’s time to take back your space for all the games, other apps and more that you will want to add—and all of those gigabytes can be given back to you through the Windows 10 Disc Cleanup.

To get started, go to the Start menu and click on “All apps.” Scroll down and click on “Windows Administrative Tools” and tap the “Disc Cleanup” button. A box will pop up giving you a drop down menu to choose which system you would like to clean up. Once you choose the drive, it will automatically calculate how much space you will free up if you clean all of it.

Next, Disc Cleanup opens where you can see all of the files under your old Windows version and a choice to click on any or all of them. This can come in handy if you don’t want to get rid of some files from Windows 8 or whatever you were using before; you can simply choose the files in the old system you want to get rid of instead of having to delete the whole system. Disc cleanup will also tell you as you click on the files how much space you will be freeing up by cleaning each one. Once you have chosen what to get rid of, (probably all of it!), hit the “cleanup files” button, and it will automatically delete those files and free your hard drive for what you really want to use it for!

Make sure you visit Lenovo Companion to find out more about taking back your hard drive space and using Disc Cleanup.