You prefer headphones rather than a large headset for your smartphone or MP3 player, but those originally supplied seem too basic? Here are our tips to choose more efficient.

As with a large format headphones, the headphones are selected according to specific criteria to choose a better model than the original kits supplied with smartphones and MP3 players.

Comfort Comes First

Once very basic, headphones today compete with the big helmets in the return of a pure, powerful and nuanced. The comfort of the headphones is probably the most important point when making your choice. Models Ear Headphones are housed in the hollow of the ear and show high stability. The silicone tips offer several sizes to best adapt to the shape of your ear. This solution is clearly the most comfortable of the market and much more enjoyable than simple round end pieces missing from falling from your ear at every step.Note that some models have in-ear hoops to fix around the ear for sports to music without putting the headset up every two minutes.

Headphones Suitable for Noisy Environments

Despite their small size, some headphones offer systems for reducing ambient noise. If you take public transport every day or you work in a noisy open-space, the choice is quickly seen. You will be in a real sound bubble and you will not need to push the maximum to stop hearing the soporific discussions of your colleagues. This function of reducing noise is present on rather premium earphones sometimes sold over a hundred euros.

Quality of Cable

If you’re tired of untangling the cable headphones every two days, the solution is to invest in a flat cable that will make far fewer knots than a round model. Within the cable, the wire is also important for a good reproduction of sound. Gold-plated plugs are the most effective solutions.