The three giants of the digital workplace have all launched their own team messaging, each with a particular differentiating factor. The point with Spectrum Group. To counter Slack , the main heavyweights of the digital workplace all offer their team messaging solution. In 2017, IBM and Microsoft respectively marketed Watson Workspace and Teams. Google has launched Hangouts Chat in the final version. As for Slack’s historical competitor, Atlassian, he has redesigned his offer (Hipchat) by making it evolve into a more modern graphical interface. She was renamed Stride for the occasion. In its Benchmark 2018 corporate social networking solutions , the French Spectrum Group is back on this vast movement.

“Overall, these ChatOps are not copy-paste Slack but provide an additional dimension that allows to correct some defects,” said Thomas Poinsot, consultant Spectrum Group. “ChatOps […] show their limits when it comes to capitalizing, or at least highlighting the important elements of a conversation: a decision, a document to read, a question … Slack’s competitors propose solutions to this problem. ” For example, Teams integrates with Office and SharePoint to manage document sharing. Thanks to Watson’s artificial intelligence , IBM’s solution analyzes past conversations in order to bring out the information that matters.

“To transform the test, Big Blue will nevertheless have to evolve the image of Watson, which is still often associated with the fields of AI and bots.” It will be necessary to show that this platform is also credible in the field of digital workplace, “says Thomas Poinsot. “It will have to go through a work of enrichment of the technological surplus value of the product, and in particular of the ecosystem of applications integrated to Watson Workspace which remains today well below that of Slack.”

As for Stride, Atlassian’s collaborative messaging application, it largely uses Slack’s ergonomics. “It adds options for highlighting according to what has been decided by the teams or tasks that remain to be done.This allows again to capitalize better on the history of messages and documents posted”, said Thomas Poinsot.

Hangouts Chat in the heart of G Suite

What about the Hangouts Chat solution? “It needs to expand and clarify its coexistence with its big brother, Hangouts IM, to erase the impression of duplication, but there is no doubt about Google’s ability to quickly recover a large share of the market in this area. the tool fits well into the G Suite productivity environment, “concludes Thomas Poinsot.