At the meeting of the American Society of Physics in Los Angeles, Google introduced Bristlecone. It is a quantum processor that will allow researchers to take a big step forward in this area where much remains to be discovered.

The particularity of a quantum computer is the speed with which it can process certain information. The design of a quantum computer is a real challenge for big companies. Earlier this year, Intel and QuTech came closer to this goal by successfully integrating a quantum processor on a silicon chip. Today, Google is taking a step forward with the announcement of Bristlecone.

The operation of a quantum processor is very different from a classical model. The binary system that exists today in all electronic devices is replaced by a much more complex system. A problem arises with this mechanism, the Qubits, the quantum version of the traditional bits, is very unstable. Indeed, the processor must be kept at a very low temperature to operate. The slightest variation of the environment can, therefore, generate errors in the data exchange inside the processor. Many variable elements are added to this one making the handling of these devices very complex.

Google says Bristlecone will allow researchers to research this technology. This processor has been designed to advance research to better understand system responses. This announcement puts some pressure on other teams of researchers. Microsoft, Intel, IBM and many others are also working on a quantum computer model. It is interesting to see that each of these companies has a different, but consistent, approach to this technology.

Google takes a slight lead in the race for quantum supremacy, we look forward to the announcements of other companies specializing in this research.