Google and the autonomous car is a long-time story. It’s been several years since automobiles crisscrossed Mountain View’s roads to test and improve the autonomous driving system. Through its subsidiary Waymo, Google unveils a 360-degree video to discover a journey by an autonomous vehicle.

All automakers have this medium-term goal: to free the driver from driving while commuting or going on vacation. While traditional manufacturers will rely on leading technology companies, well-known startups and companies have made significant advances in the field. Uber is an important player, not to mention Tesla, which offers autopilot to Model S and X owners.

So today Google is taking center stage to show Waymo LIDAR technology (laser detection) and computer-assisted vision to travel in urban areas and anticipate what risks might happen on the journey. The video informs us that the Google Waymo car is capable of feeling a danger by scanning all objects for 300 meters around the moving vehicle.

To better visualize this 360 ° video, you have to move your smartphone to turn around the central point, use a computer mouse or wear a virtual reality headset (Cardboard VR, Google Daydream View ) to feel behind the wheel of the vehicle. or rather simply sitting on the left front seat.