Merged early 2016, Google’s activities in artificial intelligence and online research are again separated, with a change in management. Two years after merging, Google again separates its activities in artificial intelligence and online research.

The organization of management evolves in parallel: John Giannandrea leaves office , replaced by the duo Ben Gomes – Jeff Dean. John Giannandrea was responsible for AI at Google when, in early 2016, he took over the search engine part. This promotion followed the departure of Amit Singhal , boss of the search .

The head of the search entity is entrusted to Ben Gomes , who currently directs the engineering. Netscape spent between 1994 and 1999 (and earlier at Silicon Graphics, for the period 1990-1992), he had arrived at Google in 2010 after the acquisition of his company Metaweb .

The semantic search technology he developed is at the origin of the Knowledge Graph , which offers results directly in addition to the lists of links.

The orders for the AI ​​activity go to Jeff Dean . Veteran of the Google House (since 1999), he co-founded the branch that still leads deep learning research within the group . He has also worked on several generations of the Googlebot indexing robot, on the first version of the advertising network of the firm or on Google News.

He is also responsible for the RankBrain project , named after this layer of artificial intelligence deployed in Google Search. The idea is to split the requests into units of meaning represented as vector interpretable by the computer. This makes it possible to determine words of similar meaning and to propose adequate contents although they do not necessarily contain the searched terms.