Recently, Google launched a Chromebook App Hub, an application center for teachers, school IT managers and educational technology developers.

On the educational channel of the official blog, Karen Greenleaf , senior manager of Google Chrome OS , said that their team spent a long time discussing the Chromebooks used in the classroom with educators, school administrators and educational software developers. After listening to a lot of feedback, they decided to launch the Google Education product “Chromebook App Hub.”

It is understood that this product is an online education resource center, where teachers can find suitable teaching applications or tools to help teachers complete teaching activities efficiently. In the Chromebook App Hub, each app also has instructions for use and links to other educational resources.

In addition, due to the school’s emphasis on student privacy issues, App Hub also works with the Nonprofit Student Data Privacy Alliance (SPDC) to measure the impact of using these applications on student data privacy to protect student privacy. This is convenient for educational software developers who need to deal with different privacy protection policies in different regions.

Larry Fruth, chief executive of A4L, a non-profit organization behind SPDC, said, “App Hub will be an ideal tool for schools and states because they are looking for resources like SDPC to respond to changing privacy policies. Each district can be in App Hub. The information is consistent with its local approval process, which will greatly improve the occupancy rate of new applications and the transparency of regional use.”

According to media reports, as of January 2019, Google said that 80 million teachers and students worldwide use G Suite for Education, 40 million students and teachers use Goolgle Classroom, and more than 30 million teachers and students use Google Chrome books.