During the World Mobile Congress taking place in Barcelona right now, Google has launched the beta version of Flutter. It is a framework for mobile application development. An open source program that aims to simplify the creation of an Android or iOS application with the common language for both operating systems.

Unlike a website, developing an application can be a tedious task. Indeed, there is a proper language for each operating system. For Android, most applications are coded in Java while for iOS the Swift language is used. Alternatives have already been developed to solve this problem. Cordova, for example, is a framework that can compile a website into an application compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. This solution is not perfect but nevertheless allows to save precious time.

Today is Google in person that offers a solution after several months of research and development. One of his goals with Flutter is to use code that is the same, regardless of the operating system, on which the application will be deployed. This is a significant time-saver for development teams who will only have to develop the application once. As usual, the company made sure to make this tool as simple as possible to use. It is also open source so that the community can participate in the development and improvement of Flutter.


Right now, Google teams are already working on new features. The latest update of the program allows to work with the dimensions of the new iPhone X. While the software is still under development, applications could already be implemented through Flutter. One of them has already become popular in the United States: Hamilton App.