Used by 4 million businesses, the messaging solution from Google proposes a new version that will unfold over the coming weeks. Security features are enhanced.

“With new smart security features, the new Gmail is synonymous with business.” Here is the pitch of Google to present the new version of its messaging.

World leader for the general public, it is also used by more than 4 million corporate customers, Gmail had not known such a change since 2013.

The deployment of new features is launched but we do not know how they will be done and at what pace. You will need to check in the “Settings” menu if the “Try the new Gmail” proposal is available. A return to the current version will be possible if you are not satisfied.


> Anti Hooking and confidentiality

After the new phishing protections launched last March, the “confidential mode” allows you to create expiration dates on emails. A confirmation link is sent to the recipient which allows him to read the message from the sender.

> Rights Management
To prevent a message from being broadcast without control from its source, a new Rights Management (IRM) feature allows you to remove the option to transfer, copy, download, or print messages.


> More visible
warnings An accent is months on the visibility of the alerts simply by enlarging them. It will be more difficult to ignore an alert signaling a risky email.

> IA in reinforcement
Entitled “Nudging”, this feature alerts you to follow or answer your important messages by embedding a text alert.

GMAIL Mobile

> 90 days in offline mode
 Essential for nomads who can not find a wi-fi to connect, the “offline” mode is extended to 90 days.