GitHub , the famous code distribution and version control application, has suffered a denial of service attack . The company’s site was subject to a traffic peak of 1.35 TB / s .

Many companies would have been caught off guard, but it only took Github 8 minutes tofix the problem with the help of Prolexic from Akamai , a DDOS mitigation service similar to Google’s Project Shield . This is the most powerful denial of service attack ever seen. October 21, 2016,DynDNShad suffered the same kind of aggression with a traffic peak at 1.2 TB / s. As a result, the east coast of the United States had been deprived of many major websites (including Twitter) for about ten hours.

The method used for the attack against Github implies that the attacker usurps the IP address of his target and sends small queries to the cached databases (accessible to all). These then relay a massive amount of traffic to the target system, GitHub in this case. There are two solutions to this kind of attack says Wired. First, mitigation services like Prolexic or Project Shield can automatically filter and block this type of traffic, and then cached database owners can remove their public access.