We selected 5 free Yoga apps for Android and iPhone, these apps are very good to practice your yoga every day.

Coupled with meditation, yoga aspires to the serenity of bodies and minds. Praised for its soothing virtues, the discipline preaches the union of the physical, psychic and spiritual elements that form the Self. Today, it is possible to participate in classroom courses led by specialized teachers, but also to practice alone at home through explanatory videos and personalized online programs. To help you find the formula that suits you, Telecharger.com has selected five free yoga apps for Android and iPhone.

5 Minutes of Yoga

Five minutes, no more: it’s all you need to start the day or unwind before bed. 5 Minutes of Yoga structure this free time through short sequences each day different. Balanced programs combine the basic postures of the discipline. In the event of a memory hole, each figure is illustrated and described in detail. The chrono and the gong frame the maintenance of the positions.

5 Minutes of Yoga is not intended to provide complete sessions, but rather to create a daily appointment. In addition to providing a short moment of relaxation, the app works smooth muscle building and flexibility. The benefits are gradually manifested, provided you show diligence.

The +:
+ Very short programs ideal for a daily beginner practice
+ Basic postures
+ Chrono and gong determine the holding time of positions
+ Reminder module

The -:
– Two free programs only on the 400 offered in paid version
– Lack of explanations sound and video to better visualize
– Manual sequence of postures on the app

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga establishes programs for all tastes and all levels. A guided test guides Yogists to sequences adapted to their abilities; an essential condition to start well and progress effectively.

The exercises taught by Yoga Au Quotidien are grouped thematically according to the expectations of each: reinforcement, flexibility, relaxation, time of the day. Circuits favor a regular and harmonious training. A reminder module maintains the motivation and loyalty of users. Video support in French facilitates the execution of postures and accompanies the rhythm of breathing. By subscribing, it is even possible to create a tailor-made program.

The +:
+ In-depth capacity test
+ Explanatory videos
+ Thematic programs adapted to each level

The -:
– Many paid content
– Many promotional notifications


With its 111 postures explained in the video, Yoga takes the bases of the discipline with a lot of pedagogy. In fact, the application is perfect for beginners. Intermediate or confirmed profiles take advantage of this to revise fundamentals.

Yoga offers few programs, but all have the advantage of taking into account the requirements and levels of each. A first selection allows you to work on the choice of balance, strength or flexibility. For each category, the application provides for three laddered circuits. The exercises adjust to the breathing cycle to be entered in the app’s settings. The sessions involve many postures with additional benefits that can be found in the profile history.

The +:
+ App clearly structured according to postures/programs
+ Ability to work expressly balance, strength or flexibility
+ Chained on the breathing cycle specific to each
+ All content is freely accessible

The -:
– Few programs
– Accompaniment audio extremely summary
– Choreography nonexistent

Yoga daily Fitness

Yoga daily Fitness theorizes the basics of yoga with forty detailed postures and grouped in various exercises. The proposed series meet a variety of needs: help with falling asleep, stress management, muscle building, improving balance, etc. General advice guides Yogists in their practice and encourages the unmotivated. A configurable alarm ensures the regularity of the sessions.

We regret at Yoga Daily Fitness the lack of interactive multimedia programs. A unique challenge of 30 days however redirects to YouTube videos that effectively accompany beginners in the execution of sequences. Be careful to become familiar with the names of postures in English since the application has no French content.

The +:
+ Programs with varied objectives
+ Practice and motivation tips
+ All content is freely accessible

The -:
– App in English
– No video support for the sequences


DoYouYoga is perhaps the best structured application of all those mentioned above. The free sessions are all grouped in the same place and offer various challenges over the long term. A quick description offers details on each program whose video sequences easily guide yogists.

On subscription, DoYouYoga integrates a hundred balanced programs of variable duration. It is possible to select courses based on a teacher, a goal to achieve or level of control. All content provided by the application is in English only. It is therefore necessary to master the Anglo-Saxon denominations of the most used movements and postures.

The +:
+ Perfectly structured
+ Professors emeritus in the world of yoga
+ Diversity of courses according to professors, levels and objectives
+ Educational video sessions

The -:
– English app
– Lots of subscription-only content



DoYouYoga is without a doubt the most complete application. The diversity of video exercises and yoga teachers makes it a tutor of choice in regular yoga practice, regardless of the level of yogists. It is however necessary to speak English to take full advantage of it.