The test phases continue to multiply for the vehicle of the future, electric and autonomous. It is this time that Ford will embark on a great experimentation, especially for the delivery of parcels and pizza, in Florida.

While most US autonomous vehicle experiments are taking place in California, Ford has decided to migrate to the east coast, more precisely to Miami. The capital of Florida was chosen for its monster traffic jams, the habit that drivers have to park in double file, and a particularly high flow of passers-the ideal terrain to study the impact of an autonomous vehicle in dense and complex traffic and its interactions with pedestrians.

An autonomous vehicle, but always accompanied by a human

Ford aims to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021: the American manufacturer places high hopes in this test phase, developed in partnership with Domino’s Pizza and Postmates, to deliver pizzas and parcels by autonomous Ford vehicles.

Autonomous but, for now, not without human! ”  The equipped vehicles will circulate on the streets of Miami, accompanied by a permanent person to analyze their behavior and intervene if necessary,  ” says the automaker. The goal is to learn how this new and promising technology can best be used, and how a city’s population can integrate driverless cars.

Enthusiasm and optimism at Ford

In any case, Ford is more than optimistic and enthusiastic about this test phase: ”  After training and having developed different techniques to switch to autonomous cars of the future, we go to Miami to test our strategy in conditions. real. By testing all the different aspects of the development of this technology, we will better analyze our performance, determine what works well and improve what does not work. This will allow us to rapidly expand our solutions and deploy them to other cities in due course, “ said Sherif Marakby, Vice President, Autonomous Cars, and Electrification, in a Medium post.