“Flippy” A lazy robot, like you but ready to take your place!

I assure you, the robots are not (yet) ready to replace us! This is in any case what can be learned from the use of the Flippy robot in a CaliBurger restaurant.

Created by Miso Robotics, Flippy is in charge of cooking meats! In the form of a mechanical arm on which is a spatula. He has an AI that allows him to cook the meat perfectly and then put it on a burger. For the restaurant brand, it is especially the opportunity to differentiate itself from the competitors by making the show.

Used for the first time in Pasadena this week, after just a few hours of work, the robot took a break! Do not believe that he rebelled and slammed the door in the face of his employer, far from it. Flippy did a good job, but Miso Robotics wanted to give her a little time to blow and make some improvements. A spokesman for the company reports that ” the company must perform tests to ensure that enough orders can be made .” Finished the holidays for Flippy, it will be in service again next week between 11h and 14h each day. The burger chain should install 50 Flippy in its restaurants.

While Domino’s was creating a robot to deliver pizzas, it seems that these new ” employees ” are slowly making their way, but surely. While waiting for the robot revolution, find out if your job is likely to be replaced by a robot right here!