Apple MAC Book

So far, Apple sells its MacBook Air with old display and chip technology. Allegedly, that will change soon – at an attractive price.

Speculation about new MacBook Air models or MacBooks with 13-inch screen have been haunting the Apple scene for several weeks now. Now, new information is being added, which the DigiTimes branch from Taiwan has opened in Apple supply circles .

According to this, a new MacBook series, which will be equipped with a 13.3-inch Retina screen for the first time, could be released in the summer – possibly at the developer conference WWDC in early June . Currently there is Apple, in addition to the Pro line with 13- and 15-inch Retina screen, only the MacBook with 12-inch retina display , which was last revised in 2017, and the MacBook Air with 13.3 inches and regular resolution screen . The latter also got a small speedbump last year , but otherwise can be considered obsolete.

The DigiTimes does not write whether the new model of Apple as “MacBook” or “MacBook Air” is marketed. However, it seems clear that it is offered relatively cheap. The device will cost “as much or a little more” as the current MacBook Air, which stands at Apple with at least 1100 € in the price list. The resolution of the 13.3-inch panel is 2560 by 1600 pixels. The manufacturer was allegedly LG from South Korea.

Previously, well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the banking house KGI Securities had written to investors in a report that Apple will launch a cheaper MacBook Air in the summer and thereby achieve growth in the MacBook segment. He spoke of prices between $ 800 and $ 900, which would be a very low price point for portable Macs.

The DigiTimes will continue to have heard that Apple is also ahead of the launch of new iPad Pro models – allegedly in the second quarter of 2018. Again, there are rumors for some time. Among the seemingly new features include a Face ID face recognition system, as it is known from the iPhone X and a narrower edge of the screen.